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What If You Were Able To Stash Your Favorite Bottle Of Whiskey...

At Your Favorite Neighborhood Bar...

To Drink With Your Favorite Friends...

Whenever You Want?

At Copper Shaker, We Bring That Dream To Life!

The C.S. Locker program provides by-the-bottle access to our entire portfolio of over 700 spirits to those discerning members of our clientele. From Boss Hog to Blanton's, Buffalo Trace to Balvenie, and everything in between (including beer & wine), members can have their pick to stock their lockers. For a small monthly or annual fee, Members enjoy unique benefits like VIP Service, early-bird event tickets, and of course access to our private stock of highly sought after spirits. Members looking to stock their locker with even more exotic fair will be happy to know that our team will attempt to track down any requested product. Members have a choice of one of 30 secure lockers at Copper Shaker that only they have access to. All lockers receive an engraved plaque with a moniker of your choice and locker number. Upon visiting, Members have full access to our glassware, the appropriate ice, mixers, and other accoutrements for their entire party to enjoy. 

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